Why was Greenpeace banned in India?

India suspended Greenpeace India’s ability to receive foreign funds and froze its bank accounts


One may say that Green peace is not banned as of now but its accounts have been blocked. There have been many voices and evidences recently that foreign governments are using global NGOs to conduct protests against the developmental activities in India such as setting up of nuclear power plants to suppress the growth of India and its emergence as self sufficient and super power nation. To tackle such fundings, a body FCPA has been set up to enquire details of funding before they are allowed to use. In case of any chances of misuse, those funds are blocked from use.

Some people are of opinion that  they were anti national and a hindrance to development of India. They mostly misled the villagers against installation power plants, factories etc. You can’t have double standards, you want power for all but you are against power plants. Solar energy can’t satisfy the need in present conditions not do we have the economic capacity to install solar panels on such large scale.


You may go through the official documents on ban : http://mha1.nic.in

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