What is ITUC agenda ? the Trade Union faces charges of provoking labor unions


In a recent act of  the largest trade union ITUC,  government has said that it can’t understand ITUC agenda, as the trade union has been reported to be provoking small labour organizations to go on all India strike on 2nd September 2015.


A report prepared by intelligence agencies says ITUC is managing its activities through its Indian affiliates — the Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC), Hind Mazdoor Sabha and SEWA.


“ITUC (headed by its general secretary Sharan Burrow) and its affiliates are accusing India and its government of poor compliance with international labour standards, especially with regard to child labour. Most such strikes are a politically motivated agenda against the ruling government,” the dossier said. Pointing out the affiliation of INTUC (affiliated to Congress), the dossier said it had participated in the nationwide strike against the NDA government on September 2.


INTUC general secretary Rajendra Prasad Singh said the trade union had nothing to hide and the government was more than welcome to investigate anything it wanted. “All our funding is accounted for. We receive it through cheques and it is duly audited. We are ready for any kind of investigation,” he said.

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