UAE Bribes NGOs and Sabotages UN HRC NGO: Independent United Nations Watch Reports

The United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva unveiled the executive  summary for the investigation conducted by the Independent United Nations Watch (IUNW) for 36th session.

It was the team of UNW who went to Switzerland for attending the 36th session and observe the work of UN HRC that was happening in Geneva during 11th to 29th of September, 2017. Shockingly, despite attending very few meetings organized by NGOs concerning the Middle Eastern Affairs, especially Gulf States Crisis, the team noticed certain unethical procedures being undertaken. It was observed by the UNW crew that a major amount of immoral lobbying and political bullying was being committed by the states of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Israel.


The engagement of above mentioned Arab countries in extremely pressurizing special rapture, providing deceptive information to the Council and mislead the public outlook. This conduct of the Arab nations have further led to targeting of the Council’s special record-keepers.

Therefore, IUNW decided upon releasing regular reports depicting the unethical political pressure built by these countries with the prime focus on the United Arab Emirates’ efforts in pressurizing the council.

As per the observation of the IUNW crew, agents from the UAE pretended to be working in the civil society while playing a critical role in the security apparatuses of the nation to execute excessive unethical lobbying efforts.

A further research led by the team into the matter revealed that an Emirati organization namely, “Arab Federation for Human Rights (ARABFHR)” has had continual involvement in bribing several NGOs and individuals to deliberately misrepresent the image of Qatar and other countries at the UN.

Reportedly, the prime objective of ARABFHR was to sabotage the credibility of any NGO that has ever criticized the Human Rights situations in UAE such as, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty, which were exposed for smear campaigning for the past weeks.

In one such related attempts carried out by the UAE, the needs of the poorest asylum seekers were exploited to the highest degree with flabbergasting bribes. The researchers discovered that ARABFHR paid more than approximately $250.000 to individuals, human rights activists within Human Rights Council to speak against Qatar. The organization even went to the extent of paying African Asylum seekers in Geneva with funds up to $180.000 for partaking in the protest held against Qatar.

The ARABFHR foundation is operated by Dr. Ahmed Al Hamli, UAE security services member who also happens to run another foundation called TRENDS Research & Advisory. However, TRENDS further works with key pro-Israeli groups and organizations. One of the names TRENDS had an association with is Ambassador Alberto Fernandez, a prominent decision maker at MEMRI or the Middle East Media Research Institute. The association is an Islamophobic organization run by Israeli Mossad which has a long-lived history of targeting Muslim and Arab nations like KSA, an ally of the UAE.

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