Quite a few NGOs sell their code of ethics to gain funds. They are turning into spin masters

In May 2014, UK-based ‘Guardian’ published a mouth-watering piece on how NGOs shift goal posts to ensure they don’t suffer shortage of funds.
The article talked about the existence of ‘Briefcase NGOs’: Non-Governmental Organisations that are dictated by the mandate of international funding. The article pointed out how a Kenya-based NGO, Médecins Sans Frontières, and others, had to compromise on principles. Because the NGOs were cash-strapped, they were forced to chase scholarship funding, even when the original mandate was to check child nutrition, HIV and AIDS. While the fund was being split into two parts – one going into the pockets of the top leaders of NGOs, the other towards child education – malnutrition and AIDS were on the rise. But no one no longer cares, as long as funds keep pouring in!

After reading the article, International Trade Union Confederation stood as the elephant in the room. Multiple local trade union bodies from over 160 countries contribute to ITUC coffers. Every penny comes from the pockets of disempowered workers, especially in under-developed and developing countries. Over and above that, there are corporate and political donors who dictate terms and programme priorities.

Perhaps, General Secretary Sharan Burrow and her beloved ITUC are carrying out a western dream? Taking a clean break from its mandate to work towards the upliftment of workers, the Brussels-based NGO is dirtying its hand in FIFA politics!

Normally, you wouldn’t associate an NGO with engaging with public relations companies. ITUC does. It has multiple Australia-based PR agencies doing its bidding. Sources have revealed EMC as being one of them. It has been alleged by the Geneva-based source that the PR agencies are helping ITUC in creating the right noise for and against prospective FIFA presidential candidates.

The rooftop shouting against the poor condition of workers has faded. The strategic vision is a new one: Get someone at the top in FIFA who will echo ITUC’s stand…

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