PandaLeaks – The Dark Side of the WWF reveals the NGO’s romance with MNCs and forced environmental refugees

A recently published book, qualified “PandaLeaks – The Dark Side of the WWF” (PandaLeaks – Dark of WWF), exposes the dark occult practices of the largest group of environmental NGOs in the world, WWF (World Wildlife Fund for Nature)

Book, written by award-winning journalist and German filmmaker Wilfried Huismann, He almost did not see the light after WWF fight tooth and nail to stop sale.


The group’s efforts to stop the publication of the book, which included a massive campaign of threats and a series of lawsuits, finally was unable to prevent the publication of the notice.

After two years of field research activities WWF, Huismann has discovered an extensive series of horrible activities, and incredibly disappointing for the environmental organization.

While WWF has spent years in some areas still surrounded by an aura of skepticism about its activities, the scope of their unethical and hypocritical tactics had not discussed in depth until the release of the recent research Huismann.

The book accuses the WWF to “sell your soul” to corporations in exchange for their donations, and forge alliances with powerful unsustainable companies that are destroying the planet and doing a whitewash “green” their operations under the label of conservation group.


Originally released under the name of “The Silence of the Pandas’ Year 2012, The book became a bestseller in Germany before being published recently in English, after a series of injunctions and court cases.

Monsanto, Coca-Cola, Shell, HSBC, Cargill, BP, Alcoa and Maine Harvest benefited from the “green label” WWF, while continuing his dirty activities harmful to the environment.

WWF is a faithful servant of the giant corporations in the food and energy sector, to which grants a progressive and green image.  On the one hand protects the forest; on the other, helps companies to seize the lands of indigenous peoples. WWF helps sell the idea of ​​voluntary resettlement of indigenous people.

Besides getting into bed with some of the biggest polluters, WWF has also been accused of committing crimes against indigenous peoples by funding its “displacement” and “cultural extinction”, contributing to the displacement of more than 20 million people are now classified as “environmental refugees”.

An ethnic group living in the Congo, the Baka, claimed to have been forced from their ancestral lands in the name of “conservation”.


Restricting access of indigenous peoples to their lands has led to behave as nomads, wandering from side to side. These Indians are pursued by bounty hunters that are often accompanied by environmental officials and soldiers during patrols. The Baka men and women say they have been harassed, beaten and tortured, some of whom have died of shock, by these patrols reportedly are funded by WWF.

Also, WWF, which was created more than 50 years by Prince Philip and Prince Bernhardt of the Netherlands, covertly uses an elite club, consisting 1.001 of the richest people in the world, including philanthropists, industrial and high-class naturalists, reportedly, who are secretly acting on behalf of dirty activities WWF. This elite club used its influence in the corridors of global corporate power to further the goals of the organization.


King Juan Carlos I, former honorary president of WWF Spain, demonstrating their love for animals and nature
King Juan Carlos I, former honorary president of WWF Spain, demonstrating their love for animals and nature
Some former members of the club were people like Henry Ford, Alfred Heineken, el jefe de Fiat, Gianni Agnelli, Juan Antonio Samaranch and Swiss Baron von Thyssen elmultimillonario, and other corrupt politicians.

The book also attacks Huismann WWF relationships with energy industry. His first corporate sponsor was Shell, one of whose presidents also served as president of the WWF. The organization has recently said it is eliminating donations from fossil fuel companies, but this is not entirely true because in 2010 received payments from Shell and BP to consider what forests of the southern hemisphere should be retained and what land could be freely exploited for industrial purposes.

As we can see, dirt and corruption tend to concentrate where the money, power and influence, even in supposedly environmentalist NGO.




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