NGO ban: US State Dept is unhappy as Russian declares of Soros NGO undesirable to operate

The U.S. State Department is not happy with the Russian authorities having classified the various Soros NGO’s as “undesirable.” According to Washington, this would be a further step in preventing the kinds of activities beneficial to civil society and the Russian people. What was Putin thinking? 

Blocking philanthropists and friends of mankind in conducting their fruitful activities is not a good move. Nothing is as hard as man’s ingratitude. Once again Russian’s president Putin is setting a bad example. At least the U.S. Foreign Office is firmly convinced of it.

Uncle Soros is not happy
Uncle Soros is not happy


Immediately after release of two rulings which will ban two leading philanthropic organizations from Russian territory, State Department spokesman Mark Toner announced the following:

Today’s designation of the Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation as so-called “undesirable” organizations will only further restrict the work of civil society in Russia for the benefit of the Russian people.  This action is yet another example of the Russian Government’s growing crackdown on independent voices and a deliberate step to further isolate the Russian people from the world.

Both of these both organizations from US-mega-adventurer George Soros were added to the so-called “Stop-List” of foreign NGO’s in order to avoid any further infiltration to Russia. Russian general prosecutor argued the activities of these Soros organizations would represent a major threat to the constitutional order of the Russian Federation and national security. The broader global public could easily get the impression that this is another strike of Putin’s against democratic movements – at least this is the image Soros tries to generate. Because it should be quite clear to everybody that Soros and his network of global-acting NGO’s are just serving civil societies and would do nothing else but encourage liberty and democracy.

It’s not by chance that Soros initiated a bundle of activities decades ago, especially in Eastern European countries to promote the transition from „closed societies“ to „open societies“. But everybody should be aware that brutal wars are fought in order to establish peace, liberty, and democracy in allegedly suppressed societies, and bringing democracy is always a highly welcomed argument in order to forcibly implement geostrategic and economic interests.

Especially in the case of George Soros, there is no denying the fact that this person exercised a massive impact and influence on “color revolutions” and social riots – all measures and activities just for the benefit of a new democratic order. His track record includes the Arabian spring, subversions in Serbia, Georgia, Macedonia; and finally in the Ukraine. Basically it is unbelievable that a single individual is able to trigger stress and turmoil in national and international politics. According to international standards this is an absolute no-go regardless the motivation of the initiator of all these social dislocations. But these standards are obviously not valid and binding for George Soros.

In this case, Russia is accused of simply not wanting to accept such a serious exertion of influence.  The U.S. should know it better at least when listening to InfoWars author Kurt Nimmo. He pointed to the dramatic incidents in Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore, Maryland, where Soros NGO’s had also a hand in the events. Additionally, Kurt Nimmo cited Polish journalist and author Konrad Stachnio, who wrote last October:

Every time I see the old, good George Soros saying something about democracy and European values, I know that something is going to happen. This way the case of Ukraine, when George argued that democracy is the most important and when he says that European values are most important and that is why we must accept million refugees every year. How will it end? Probably as usual: fires, riots, overthrowing governments and total destabilization in Europe, more or less as it ended up recently in Ukraine.

Those are clear words. Soros was also active in Poland and established the „Stephan-Báthory-Foundation” in 1988 as a starting point for his global network, spanning around the globe and bringing not always positive changes and developments to the various nations affected. During an interview with CNN-reporter Fareed Zakaria, Soros made no secret of his plans. As reported by Info-Wars author Kurt Nimmo,

George Soros told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria over the weekend he is responsible for establishing a foundation in Ukraine that ultimately contributed to the overthrow of the country’s elected leader and the installation of a junta handpicked by the State Department.

Many participants in the demonstrations against the elected president had been mobilized and were members of Soros NGO-network. These guys had been trained and instructed carefully by Soros’ organizations like the “International Renaissance Foundation” (IRF) and the “Open Society Foundation”.

It’s not a big surprise that Russia doesn’t want this scenario to be repeated inside its own borders.


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