Nepal’s Trade Union reports about ITUC’s wrong doing to ILO : ITUC negligent towards Nepal’s workers

Chairman of Independent Democratic Confederation of Nepalese Trade Union (INDECONT) , has filed complaint to International Labour Organization (ILO) REGARDING issue with ITUC  General Secretary (Asia – Pacific) Noriyuki Suzuki.

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During earthquake in Nepal, ITUC general secretary visited the country and did lot of promises for the improvement of conditions. But now the union only takes money from many small trade unions in Nepal and is actually doing nothing much.

Jose Assalino, Director, ILO Kathmandu was addressed by Krishna Prasad Subedi, Chairman of INDECONT.

Trade Unions of Nepal like NTUC, ANTUF, CONEP and NEFON have orgainzed the protest rallies in Kathmandu. Thousands of trade union members attended the protest rally and urged the government and political parties to address the fundamental rights of the workers in the new constitution.

ITUC, Brussels , headed by Sharan Burrow, in recent times has been already blamed many times by small trade unions of many developing nations for taking large amounts of money and not utilising it properly for the benefits of labors , migrant workers.


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