Nepal Ministry : Money to temples and not to the workers

Nepal ministry seems happier to reconstruct temple from 1 thousand Euros, than to use some amount for betterment of the workers in the earthquake hit country


Already collected 700 thousand euro, the goal is to reach one million by the end of the event. Should have been used to train workers for reconstruction, they will be used for the restoration of a pagoda.


The goal was to collect one million euros by the end of October, to be donated to Nepal still bent by the earthquake on 25 April. In the two display cases placed on the site of the World Exhibition in Milan the charity campaign, launched by the organizers and the CGIL, CISL and UIL in the aftermath of the disaster, he has already totaled 700 thousand euro fee. The generosity of visitors, explanatory Expo spa, will finance projects to support the earthquake victims.


However its end-use of the donations occurred yesterday an unexpected overtaking on the right. At Expo celebrates the National Day of Nepal, the delegation of Kathmandu planning a meeting with the press to discuss the operation solidarity. “The money collected from this initiative will be used to renovate the temple Kasthamandap “marks the Nepalese Minister of Commerce, Sunil Bahadur Thapa.

Nepal government's prime focus is on reconstructing this pagoda
Nepal government’s prime focus is on reconstructing this pagoda


It is one of the monuments destroyed by the earthquake of magnitude 7.8. The temple Kasthamandap is among the oldest in the country, so that historians believe the name of the capital Kathmandu derives precisely from that of this pagoda, and was also among the most popular destinations among tourists. The figure is not enough, therefore, it will be built by the Nepalese government, Thapa and ensures that the money collected at the Expo “will not be used for other interventions, but only for the reconstruction of the temple, to justify a proper use of the fund.”


But the announcement of the Minister has the effect of a bolt from the blue, someone jumps on the chair because a program to use donations from the Expo it is ready and not about the restoration of the temples, but training of Nepalese workers able to contribute to the reconstruction of the country. To ask was the government itself, in the words of the Minister of Finance after the earthquake in April that killed 20 thousand people and destroyed 500 thousand houses in Nepal are missing still at least 50 thousand construction workers. Some International Unions stepped forward, tracing a plan which provided for the training of workers, the construction of job centers in the 14 districts most affected by the earthquake, a digital archive for combining supply and demand policies reconstruction of public and private buildings. They are thinking to invite to the table the association NGO Save the Children, which has been operating in Nepal.


The goal is to support the reconstruction path to full employment. However the announcement of the Minister of Trade upsets cards. Both initiatives have beneficial purposes, but behind the scenes the change of direction of Kathmandu feeds doubts.














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