European Funds Behind Campaign to Erase Ancient Jewish Town

Report reveals prominent role of European-funded NGOs in campaign to protect Arab settlement built on ruins of ancient Susya.

An audacious crusade to delete an antiquated Jewish town from the guide is being driven by European-supported NGOs, a report has uncovered, yet again throwing a focus on the main pretended by European state financing in the counter Israel development.

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Susya caves photo:



The unlawful Arab settlement of Khirbet Susiya, situated beside the Jewish town of Susya in Judea, is as of now the objective of a pulverization request by Israeli powers, having been wrongfully built on the remains of an antiquated, Talmudic-period Jewish town of the same name.

Regardless of having just been set up by Arab activists – the greater part of whom really dwell in close-by Arab towns – in the previous 20 years or somewhere in the vicinity, activists now claim to be inhabitants of an “antiquated” Arab town, and have set out on a crusade to contradict the pulverization.

Middle Easterner towns bearing Arabicized renditions of unique Hebrew spot names are regularly based on top of or nearby antiquated Jewish locales in Israel, especially in Judea and Samaria, trying to guarantee those territories as “Palestinian.” Many of them tellingly have “Khirbet” – generally interpreted as “ruin” – joined to them.


The battle for Khirbet Susiya got a help when the US State Department issued an uncommon, obviously pre-scripted explanation at a question and answer session a week ago, guaranteeing that the US government is “firmly observing” the circumstance, and approaching Israel not to do the annihilation.

Presently, it has been uncovered that the battle is being driven by European-subsidized Israeli NGOs, a report by the NGO Monitor guard dog has uncovered.

Among the most eminent names in the report is the “Rabbis For Human Rights (RHR)” association, which has been driving the charge in the interest of Khirbet Susiya by documenting a directive in the Israeli High Court to keep the pulverization.

RHR has frequently confronted allegations of irritating Jewish inhabitants and ranchers in Judea and Samaria, staging so as to include incitements in the middle of Jewish and Arab villagers.

RHR additionally presented a supposed “all-inclusive strategy for Susiya” to the court – a report which was financed by none other than the British government. In fact, the UK Consulate in Jerusalem has as of late increased its officially considerable money related support for RHR – from NIS 50,000 (over $13,000) in 2014 to NIS 337,046 (almost $89,000) in 2015.

However, that is not all. In 2015 RHR got a $70,000 award civility of the Human Rights and International Law Secretariat – a gathering subsidized by Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Among Rabbis for Human Rights’ different givers is the radical-left New Israel Fund.

Another far-left, European-subsidized NGO heading the battle is B’Tselem, which as of late hit features after it was uncovered that its confirmation highlighted unmistakably in the UN’s late give an account of the previous summer’s Gaza strife, blaming Israel for carrying out “atrocities.”

B’Tselem is correspondingly a beneficiary of European largesse, with its more than 9.5 million-shekel ($2.5 million) spending plan contained to a great extent of attractive gifts from the EU and individual EU-individuals states, and additionally the New Israel Fund.

Furthermore, the report notes, “(B’Tselem) Staff part Nasser Nawaj’ah, field scientist for the Southern Hebron Hills, is an occupant of Khirbet Susiya and a piece of the more distant family noticeable in the crusade against the annihilation. Nawajah, who is generally cited in the media about Susya, likewise set up an Avaaz request on the obliteration.”

Other European-subsidized NGOs included in the crusade are the counter IDF Breaking the Silence bunch and the Israeli-Arab Adala NGO, the last of which claims Susiya is a “Bedouin town.”

The substantial venture by European states in endeavoring to keep the obliteration of the illicit station ought to shock no one, on the other hand.

Truth be told, as initially uncovered by Arutz Sheva, the European Union and its part states have been specifically subsidizing an illicit settlement drive by Palestinian Arabs in an offer to make “certainties on the ground” in Judea and Samaria, inciting allegations of “European imperialism.” Indeed, the vast majority of Khirbet Susiya itself has been supported by European citizens’ cash; in that sense, the previously stated NGOs are essentially acting to secure a critical speculation by their EU benefactors.

In the meantime, the European Union has over and again required the decimation of all Jewish groups in the Judea-Samaria district.

The disclosure comes not as much as a month after the French government said it would keep on subsidizing an activist hostile to Israel NGO which tuned in the late “Flexibility Flotilla” to break the IDF’s barricade of Gaza. An Arutz Sheva uncover in June uncovered how the Platform of French NGOs for Palestine got some a large portion of a million euros from the French government since 2010.

Chronicled records have altogether exposed cases of an Arab connection to Susya, demonstrating how the Arab “town” is an extremely late marvel, rather than the indigenous Jewish association with the site.

Tzviki Bar-Hai, then leader of the Har Hevron local chamber, disclosed to Arutz Sheva in late 2013 how the Palestinian Arabs initially settled in Susya.

“I was there in 1976, and beside the synagogue that was constructed here in 1969, there wasn’t a living soul,” he reviewed. “We had the capacity restart the archeological dives in 1983, and afterward, as well, there were no Palestinians around.”

He noticed how Arab ranchers started to visit Susya for maybe a couple evenings at once amid specific parts of the year beginning in 1986, uncovering that those now guaranteeing to be inhabitants of Susya are really from the close-by Arab town of Yatta.

“As of late a couple Arab families from Yatta are attempting to settle close antiquated Susya and to contend that they were removed from the town of Susiya – which never existed,” he said. “They are all from Yatta. They are bolstered by liberal activists, who go ahead weekends to help make the account of ejection



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