How fake NGO's got away in Philippines
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How fake NGO’s got away in Philippines

      P6 billion could construct houses, assemble a thousand classrooms, and pay more than 50,000 instructors. It could offer quake casualties some assistance with rebuilding their lives from the rubble. In the right hands, P6 billion could create employments, give work, and inspire the lives of numerous as yet living under the neediness...
Swiss say $4bln may be missing from Malaysia state fund
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Corruption scandal: Swiss prosecutors ask Malaysian authorities for investigating disappearance of $4 billion

Swiss say $4bln may be missing from Malaysia state fund Investigators believe funds earmarked for social development projects could have been stolen as scandal deepens. Najib has been under investigation for $673mn found in his bank accounts, which he said were donations . Swiss prosecutors have asked Malaysian authorities for help investigating the possible disappearance...
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Government watchdog probes NGO

The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating a non-government organization (NGO) that styles itself as a “watchdog” against scams but is itself peddling investment securities. At least four investors who claim to have been duped by the Alliance of Networkers of the Philippines Organization Inc. (Anpo), led by one Jose Olinares Jr., have filed separate...
children saved ngo busted
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Fake NGO Busted in India, 150 Children Rescued

(INDIA) Lives of about 150 children was saved when, a operation on a fraud NGO was carried out exposing the NGO itself. The guilty NGO was active at Noida, Dehradun and Meerut. More than 150 children were rescued. They were led to forcefully work in some factories as slave workers. Children told the police and news...
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